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Where can I get free bitcoins? The answer is bitcoin faucets! Faucet sites usually contain ads and you will be rewarded for that. All you have to do is register on this sites and claim free bitcoins or other crypto coins.


Coin Main features
BTC maker   NEW! Bitcoin Free Bitcoins every hour. Level up system.
Free Bitcoin Bitcoin Win up to $200 every hour. Annual interest rate 4.08%
Moon Bitcoin Bitcoin Claim every 5 minutes. Bonus up to 300%
Bit Fun Bitcoin Claim every 3 minutes.
Bonus Bitcoin Bitcoin Claim every 15 minutes up to 5,000 satoshi. Automatic 5% daily bonus.
Satoshi Hero Bitcoin Claim 3x per 10 minutes.
Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet, rewards, view ads, watch videos, loyality bonus up to 100%.
Faucet Crypto Multiple Claim every 40 minutes. Use Shortlinks for more profit. Level bonus.
CryptoMiningGame Multiple Mine for game crypto-currencies, do missions, play Mining War game.
Moon Litecoin Litecoin Claim every 5 minutes. Bonus up to 300%
Free Litecoin Litecoin Claim every hour up to $200. Annual interest rate.
Moon Cash Bitcoin Cash Claim every 5 minutes. Bonus up to 300%
Moon Dogecoin Dogecoin Claim every 5 minutes. Bonus up to 300%
Moon Dash Dash Claim every 5 minutes. Bonus up to 300%
Free Ethereum Ethereum Claim every hour up to 200$. Annual interest rate.


Coin Main features
Ad BTC Bitcoin Surf ads, Active window surfing, Autosurfing
CoinpayU Bitcoin Surf ads, Active window surfing
Earn BTC Bitcoin Framed Ads, Auto Surfer


Main features
Powerful Miner Best miner software. No settings need, optimized from start. Just install and earn.
Nice Miner Very good miner software. Easy settings need.
Honey Miner Very simple miner software. No settings need, optimized from start.


Back in 2011.

The first time I heard about Bitcoin. Interesting project, I thought.

The price for 1 Bitcoin was 30 cents. How can anything so crazy cost so much money? And who in the world is willing to buy it? Those were my first thoughts.

At that time I had a friend who was rich enough. Once we went for lunch to the susi bar in the city center. I mentioned Bitcoin among the speeches.

I told him I started using Bitcoin faucets. And whether or not he wants to invest in Bitcoin. But just from joke. Unfortunately, he refused.

In that little sushi bar there were 2 guys sitting behind us. Surprisingly, they listened carefully in silent to what I said. Who knows whether they are multimillionaires today.

Unfortunately, he discouraged me from active investing at that time by his strong attitude.

Year 2013.

During that time I made 2 Bitcoins through the faucets. Very relaxed and occasionally.

But the price of Bitcoin began to skyrocket. At that time, I began to seriously consider buying a Bitcoin for my money.

I bought 1 Bitcoin for $120. Next 9 Bitcoins followed. My average price for 10 Bitcoins was $450. So at that time I owned over 12 Bitcoins together. The price kept rising. I was happy.

Year 2015.

The price gradually fell. Panic started to catch me. What if Bitcoin goes to zero? So I started to sell slowly. Bitcoin after Bitcoin. Until I sold everything. With over 50% loss.

End of year 2017.

Crazy price increase. I started buying Bitcoins again. But mainly getting them from faucets for free while I can. And I still do that and I know why. Do you know that too?

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